If you’re like me, you clicked on this link and were skeptical before you even started reading this text. That’s okay and actually kind of a good thing. It means you’re aware that there are people out there that take advantage of people who are looking for help. Since you know that, you are constantly taking advice with a grain of salt. That makes you pretty smart!

However, you may be starting to realize that your constant need to analyze every opportunity that comes your way is actually holding you back from starting your journey forward. You hear it from every guru and expert out there, “Stop Thinking, Take Action”.

If you’re really really smart, your internal walls shut down when you hear that phrase. You shouldn’t trust anyone who tells you to stop thinking. You know you are intelligent and you’ve learned to trust your own judgement. You should be proud of yourself!

Here’s the thing..

Everything you know and every thought you’ve ever had has lead you to right now. You’re intelligent because of the life experiences you were put through. You lived life. You may not have thought about how powerful that is but statistically speaking you shouldn’t even be here. Not only are you here BUT you’re here with life skills, experiences, straightened priorities and you know that you deserve the life you want. You know you can do it too.


The problem isn’t that your mind is holding you back (Let’s face it, you can do anything you put your mind to). You simply don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in. The internet is an extremely shady place when it comes to making money and or passive income (I’m not going to point any fingers). I’m not going to sell you anything or tell you what to do with your money. Instead this will be a collection of my experiences and ventures into the online business world. In short, SleepyGrad.com is simply a platform on which you can see out into this world of online business and affiliate marketing, plant your feet in a stable and trustworthy foundation, and start your journey forward!



While starting a business online can be simple, it is by no means easy. Ignore those “gurus” and “experts” who tell you they figured out an easy way and then want you to buy their “special formula or program”. It is still similar to starting a business outside. You need to be willing to invest time and money. You should know that in the beginning and learning stages you probably won’t be very profitable. However, if you spend enough time and effort on your business, you will see growth!

Remember: You should expect failure but you should never accept it. That’s the difference between normal people and people who get ahead.

All that being said, there are 2 big benefits to growing an online business…

#1. You work hard one time. After your system is built (and operates properly) it becomes almost entirely passive. This means you no longer trade your time for money. You are literally making money while you sleep. Imagine what you could do with that extra money or extra free time..

#2. You can make your business your passion. The internet is a very big place with billions of people online. You can literally revolve your business around the things you love because chances are, there are millions of people who love them too!